Download A Free Coloring Book Based on The Lyrics From Chance The Rapper’s New Mixtape

shamz I like ink and alcohol.... and I listen to music…
Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper

Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious ones. Australian music blog, The Interns, prove this to be true with the perfect compliment to Chance The Rapper’s new critically acclaimed mixtape, Coloring Book – they made a coloring book for it. We all still have Chano’s latest tape on constant repeat, and now we’ve got a nice visual compliment. Each page of the coloring book has one line from each of the songs brought to life for you to color inside (or outside) the lines to your hearts content. Check out a few samples below, and download the full coloring book for free, here. Once you’re finished, make sure to tag @theinterns_net with your creation for a chance to win a custom print from the book.

Chance The Rapper



H/T: P&P

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