Video: DJ Premier x "More Levels" f/ Bumpy Knuckles + Nardwuar Interview

This supertough new DJ Premier x Bumpy Knuckles is like a how-to manual for maintaining your cool and elevating game even when you are constantly surrounded by frickin idiots--something most of us could use a lot more than a how-to manual on selling crack or whatever, and does so with a classically golden-era Primo collage of spacey noises, staccato bass & drums and virtuoso cuts (is it just me or is Preems cutting up Dilla's voice on here? Somebody confirm I'm not crazy because if so, that's kinda major).

This Premier interview with Nardwuar, however, is like a how-to manual on elevating game and being a boss (or at least ?uesto's favorite interviewer) even when you ARE a frickin idiot. Watch 'Dwuar pull anecdotes about Primo seeing James Brown do the splits at age 5 and being in brawls with M.O.P. all while not-so-subtly showing off his 45 collection--and yet still coming off like some kind of bizarre Canadian rodeo clown (after the jump)