Fresh Prince DJ Jazzy Jeff Will Smith Duo
Fresh Prince DJ Jazzy Jeff Will Smith Duo

DJ Jazzy Jeff Talks In-Depth About New Will Smith Material, 2016 Touring Plans

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What once seemed almost impossible became imminent last week when Will Smith revealed this plans to reunite with DJ Jazzy Jeff for a 2016 world tour. What's more, the MC-turned-actor-turned-MC hinted that he's recorded 20 to 30 new songs, and that an entirely new album may be headed our way soon. Now, in a new in-depth interview with Rolling Stone, the Jazzy one has offered eager fans a few more precious insights into what's in the pipeline.

"Let me put it like this: You don't retire from an art," Jazzy Jeff told the magazine. "This has always been inside of him and he's always wanted to do this. He has never stopped rapping. It's just that being the biggest movie star on the planet, you don't have enough time." The DJ spoke in gracious tones about his friend and longtime collaborator, but stressed that the two of them together have not yet gotten into the studio to craft newness. "Every time we would get together, he would talk about, 'Yeah, I'm thinking about it. I got a concept for a record,'" Jazzy told RS, only to clarify "We haven't even gone to the studio yet. He's done all of this while he was doing Suicide Squad. So we haven't gotten in to do the stuff that we are going to do, which is next level."

And as for that tour? Jazzy puts it like this:

I don't know. What I tell people is, "If Will says, 'Listen, we're going on tour,' we're going on tour." That’s my partner. Anytime he needs me, I'm there. If it's like, "Yo, we're out," we're out. Let me know so I can make some arrangements and we're gone.

As the conversation proceeds, we learn that Will Smith is doing his best to learn from the prolific write-record-release pace of his son Jaden, that he recorded a phenomenal verse over Kanye West's "Clique"...and is just sitting on it. Read the full interview over at Rolling Stone and get ready for a very interesting 2016 as the two hip-hop honchos pick it up where they left off 22 years ago.