Okayplayer TV: De La Soul On Roots Picnic & New LP

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.

De La Soul‘s performance at Roots Picnic 2012 was definitely one of the highest, brightest highlights of a weekend of highlights. For those of us who grew up on De La and most likely had our concept of hip-hop (and overall mindstate) blown up to buhloone-like proportions, seeing them rock the crowd so perfectly in synch with their musical progeny–and now fellow-pioneers–The Roots was a family reunion of the greatest kind. Even before Yasiin Bey took the stage! The timeless performance came with some extremely timely news as well, because when we sat down in a hotel lobby to build with Plugs Won & Too–still riding high off the sunshine of picnic-love–about the experience, they also let some info about their forthcoming album drop. In fact Pos stated that the next vide would be coming “in a few weeks”–and since Roots Picnic was already a few weeks ago, we can expect some new plug material imminently! Watch above to get the full details and feel what we felt watching this epic happening from the wings.

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