Dave Chappelle Has 3 New Comedy Specials Coming To Netflix

Dave Chappelle Has 3 New Comedy Specials Coming To Netflix

You saw him on Saturday Night Live, maybe even caught him at one of his residencies in NYC over the last year, but it appears you’ll soon see Dave Chappelle lighting up your Netflix queue in the months ahead. The streaming giant has just announced that Chappelle has not one or two, but three new comedy specials on the way. Details are virtually non-existent, but as you can see above, it’s the real deal, marking the legend’s first specials since 2004’s classic For What It’s Worth

2016, and 2015 before it (with eleven straight sold-out nights at Radio City Music Hall,) were Chappelle’s most visible years to date following his departure from the public eye back in the mid-2000s after notoriously leaving a $50 million check on the table from Comedy Central. And though we can’t say what shape these specials will take, after an all-time classic showing on Saturday Night Live with A Tribe Called Quest as his musical guest, we can be sure that whatever’s coming, will surely be worth the wait. For now, you can revisit the entirety of Dave Chappelle’s SNL debut via Hulu. Keep your eyes on us for updates on the trio of specials in the weeks and months ahead.


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