Chris Rock Is Writing A Movie That Will Star Him, Dave Chappelle And Adam Sandler

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Chris Rock Is Writing A Movie That Will Star Him, Dave Chappelle And Adam Sandler
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Chris Rock revealed the news in a recent interview.

Chris Rock is working on a script that will bring him together with fellow comedians Dave Chappelle and Adam Sandler.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Rock revealed that he was working on two movie scripts, with one of them pairing him with Chappelle and Sandler. Although he’s mum on details surrounding the script, the interview does make it a point to add that Rock is “borderline giddy about both.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Rock recounted how he was in attendance for a pitch meeting Eddie Murphy had with film and television producer Brian Grazer. Per the Reporter:

…Rock would find himself in Brian Grazer’s office in L.A., as Murphy pitched a heist flick — a kind of Black Ocean’s Eleven, starring him, Rock, Chappelle, Chris Tucker and a few others — about a gang that robs Trump Tower. Murphy envisioned Trump as the movie’s villain. “Like Alan Rickman in Die Hard,” says Rock. What happened from there is another classic Hollywood story: The movie became Tower Heist, directed by Brett Ratner, starring Ben Stiller with Murphy and “a bunch of white people.”

Rock also spoke on a clip of Jimmy Fallon doing a Blackface impersonation of him in a 2000 episode of SNL that resurfaced earlier this year. Per the Reporter:

Rock says he doesn’t remember seeing it at the time and writes it off as just “bad comedy.” Fallon “doesn’t have a racist bone in his body,” he says, adding that he called his old friend after he issued a public apology to tell him that he loves him.

A couple of months back, Rock appeared at one of Chappelle’s socially distanced comedy shows in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

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