Chance The Rapper, Kanye West Serve Blessings At Inaugural Meadows Festival
Lil' Chano from the 79th, also known as Chance The Rapper, was full of blessings at the Meadows Festival in Queens, NY. | Photo by Vickey Ford (SneakShot) for Okayplayer.
Photo Credit: Vickey Ford of SneakShot for Okayplayer

Chance The Rapper Becomes Chance The Actor In 'Slice' Teaser

Chance The Rapper, Kanye West Serve Blessings At Inaugural Meadows Festival

Chance The Rapper shared a video earlier today (Monday) that teases his role in a forthcoming film titled Slice.

The video is brief and doesn't do much to shed any light on the character he'll be portraying, with the camera behind Chance as he puts on a motorcycle helmet and presumably drives off into the night at the clip fades to black.

Apparently Slice has been in discussion for quite some time.

In a 2015 interview with Red Eye Chicago, director Austin Vesely (who has directed many of Chance's music videos, including the video for "No Problem") said that the movie will be a "murder mystery" where Chance plays a werewolf named Dax Lycander, a former Chinese food delivery driver who finds himself at the center of an investigation into a series of murders. In addition, the story will take place in an alternate universe that "has these supernatural elements that people accept as reality."

Vesely also discussed the inspiration behind the upcoming movie, referencing George SaundersCivilWarLand In Bad Decline.

"George Saunders is always really good about this: He puts you into a world and he doesn't explain the rules to you, so you figure it out as you go. So he created this world [with] ghosts that just existed and were part of the fabric of the universe. That was really a big inspiration to me to make a movie [that] would also do that," Vesely said. "I also did the exact same thing; I have ghosts in this movie and they're basically part of the fabric of the government, of the town the film takes place in."

There is also a chase scene that Chance will be a part of, with his scooter playing a significant part within the movie too. "That scooter or that moped in the poster is kind of like a totem for Chance's werewolf character," Vesely said. "He speeds in and out like how the Joker comes in and out of The Dark Knight. That's the inspiration for how we handled the Dax character."

Check out the clip below and be on the look out for Slice, which is expected to drop some time in 2017.