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Cassidy Says He Gave R. Kelly Guns During Feud With Jay-Z

Cassidy was gearing up to perform with R. Kelly at the Best of  Both Worlds Tour.

Cassidy recalls lending guns toR. Kelly while he was dealing with conflict on tour with Jay-Z during the Best of Both Worlds Tour.

In a 2014 interview with Vlad TV, the Philadelphia rapper spoke on his experience with R. Kelly at Madison Square Garden. Despite admitting to giving him guns, Cassidy also explained that he didn't realize Kelly had been feuding with Jay Z at the time.

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He said he gave Kelly and his crew weapons, "Just to hold them down and make sure they were Gucci, I gave them some pistols...I was just looking out for niggas at the time. I didn't know it was with Jay-Z." He continued, "Industry niggas they know I'm a good nigga so if a nigga was in a predicament and I could help out in any way, that's what I did at the time."

"They was going through something. I ain't know it was with Jay-Z. I ain't know who it was with, but I know I wanted to get out there and perform; that's all I was focused on."

Cassidy added, "That was a long time ago," he added. "At that point in time, that's how I was moving."

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dream hampton's Lifetime docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly has sparked rediscovery of old stories and revelations of new ones.

Jay-Z had been brought into the discussion over his connection to Aaliyah, who was married to R. Kelly at the age of 15 and later in a relationship with Dame Dash in 2001.

In a recent interview, Dash charged R. Kelly and Jay-Z's 2002 joint album was what sparked Roc-A-Fella's demise.

“I know I’m not fuckin’ with that. I knew, morally, we weren’t the same... To me, Roc-a-Fella was defunct. It was over. I couldn’t fuck with it. It was something that, to me—I don’t wanna say ‘unforgivable,’ but I couldn’t understand it.”

Watch the interview clip below.