Rubble Kings exclusive preview: Girls in the South Bronx

Pass The Popcorn: 'Rubble Kings' Exclusive Preview Pt. 3: Girls!

Rubble Kings "Girls" [promo still]

Welcome to part 3 of our series of exclusive sneak peeks at Rubble Kings–director Shan Nicholson‘s documentary look at the pre-history of hip-hop culture in the Bronx and its roots in the area’s notorious street gang culture in the late 1960 and ’70s. In this third (and final) installment, we get a unique look at the role girls played in the evolution of gang culture into hip-hop culture and the gender politics of the South Bronx, where–prior to the gang truce which set the stage for a hood renaissance of sorts–interaction between the sexes was strictly divided along the lines marked ‘black’ and ‘Puerto Rican’.

PLEASE NOTE: This clip is the “final” preview because the Rubble Kings Kickstarter campaign to raise finishing funds ends tomorrow. See the trailer for more details and hit the link below to support today and you will qualify for return-gifts like the extra-duty tuff custom Rubble Kings colors jacket by MG&HKM (scroll all the way down for a pic). Enjoy and see you in the streets.

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