Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby
(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

Bill Cosby's Publicist Releases Statement Following Harvey Weinstein Conviction: "This Is a Very Sad Day in the American Judicial System"

Bill Cosby (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

In a surprising move, Cosby’s publicist unveils a statement via social media.

Bill Cosby’s publicist has issued a statement following the conviction of Harvey Weinstein in support of the defamed film producer. The statement was released on the same day Weinstein was found guilty of a felony sex crime and rape.

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According to Page Six, Cosby asked his spokesman to unveil a lengthy take that disputes Monday’s decision. The beginning of the statement read, “This is not shocking because these jurors were not sequestered, which gave them access to media coverage and the sentiments of public opinion.” It went on to read, “There’s no way you would have anyone believe that Mr. Weinstein was going to receive a fair and impartial trial.”

One striking part of the statement alleged that the American judicial system is unfair towards the wealthy. “Here’s the question that should haunt all Americans, especially wealthy and famous men. Where do we go in this country to find fairness and impartiality in the judicial system; and where do we go in this country to find Due Process?”

Later in the post, the #MeToo movement is addressed and discredited, instead, it recalls upon the brutal history of America’s past. Cosby and Weinstein reportedly have 200 combined accusers. Complex reports this number doesn’t include women who haven’t chosen to come forward with their stories.

“If the #metoo movement isn’t just about Becky [White women], I would challenge #metoo and ask them to go back 400+ years and tarnish the names of those oppressors that raped slaves,” the statement alleges. “This is a very sad day in the American Judicial System.”

Cosby was convicted in 2018 for drugging and molesting Andrea Constand in 2004, he’s currently serving a three to 10-year sentence. Page Six reports Cosby called Wyatt repeatedly on Monday outraged over Weinstein’s conviction.

Take a look at the entire statement below.