OKP Exclusive: Big Ghost’s 14 FOH-est Moments of 2014

Iggy Azalea: OKP Exclusive: Big Ghost's 14 FOH-est Moments of 2014

Ayo whattup…ya boy Big Ghost AKA Phantom Raviolis aka the grand imperial Cocaine Biceps aka Galaxy Knuckles the great aka the mighty Thor Molecules aka the world famous Acrobatic Chromosomes aka the mighty Hands of Zeus is back up in this chateau one more time namsayin. It feels good to reconnect wit my okayplayer peoples. Sorry I been away so long. Im sure yall literate muthafuckas missed the god. But yo its that time of year again where we round up the most fuckouttahere moments of the last 12 months n reflect on all the evidence that proves jus how close Armageddon actually is n shit. It was hard to narrow the shit down to jus 14 moments n whatever but somehow someway that shit worked out… Before we begin tho yall should read the disclaimer below:

The views n what have you in this muthafucka is all my owns…so that aint in no way a reflection of nobody other than myself n whatever else b. No other man or woman or child represented heretofore n such hereby is sharin the opinion of the gentleman who be sayin the shit contained within namsayin. This muthafucka do be containin foul language n shit that might offend small children n old people n shit too. It should be noted by all those who is present today here today before God that yall here on ya own accord n if anybody not cool wit that they should leave now or forever hold they peace…

Word okay. Let’s get into it…

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