MF DOOM US Ban By Obama Administration
MF DOOM US Ban By Obama Administration
Photo by Ross Gilmore/Redferns

Biden's Inaugural Playlist Reignites Anger At MF DOOM's US Ban By Obama Administration

The late MF DOOM was denied re-entry into the United States after completing an European tour in late 2010.

Joe Biden's inaugural playlist was recently released, and people were pretty surprised to see everyone from A Tribe Called Quest to Kendrick Lamar on it. But there's one artist in particular whose inclusion has angered fans — MF DOOM.

The late rapper's track "Coffin Nails" is included in the playlist. However, its appearance on the playlist has indirectly reignited criticism and anger at the Obama administration for denying his re-entry into the United States back in 2010. The rapper spoke about the incident in 2012 with Q magazine, explaining how a U.S. immigration officer denied him re-entry after completing his second foreign tour.

DOOM was born in the United Kingdom but moved to the U.S. as a child. However, he never became a full-fledged American citizen. Amid learning of his denied re-entry, fans even made a petition directed at Obama, and asked him to naturalize the rapper as a U.S. citizen and allow him to return to the country.

Fan reactions to DOOM's appearance on Biden's playlist can be seen below.

In related news, Peanut Butter Wolf recently offered an update on the long-awaited sequel to DOOM and Madlib's seminal Madvillainy album.

"DOOM was always telling me ‘It’s 85% done, it’s 85% done.’ That was the magic number," Wolf said on Pete Rosenberg and Cipha SoundsJuan Ep is Dead podcast. However, as time passed, Wolf explained that it was unclear what could even be included in a proper Madvillainy follow-up, with submitted verses popping up on other people's albums or being leaked on YouTube.

"I got a little frustrated, and I was just like, you know, ‘It’s gonna happen when it’s gonna happen.’ I don’t wanna be the guy to force creativity or anything," he said, before adding that he does have approval from DOOM's team and family to compile the completed material into an offiicial release.