BBC To Produce First Ever Grace Jones Doc

Pass The Popcorn: BBC Films Will Produce The First Ever Grace Jones Documentary

Pass The Popcorn: BBC Will Produce The First Ever Grace Jones Documentary

Forever fierce, Grace Jones has remained a legend at every turn of her nearly 40-year legacy. After cementing her spot as a fashion icon in the early 70s (smashing runways for the likes of  Yves St. Laurent, Claude Montana, Kenzo Takada and a slew of others) the Jamaican-born, NYC transplant made a dazzling entrance into the world of music with her debut record Portfolio in 1977, and has left the world quivering in the wake of an endlessly dynamic creative output ever since, ranging from music exploits to film to fashion and transcending them all.

And while “Slave To The Rhythm” and “Nightclubbing” may seem like distant memories, the BBC has announced that they’ll be bringing Jones’ story back to the world, producing the very first chronicle of her life in the forthcoming documentary treatment Grace Jones: The Musical Of My Life, which has apparently been in the works for some 7 years now. The doc will be directed by Sophie Fiennes, who you maybe familiar with from her work on philosopher Slavoj Žižek‘s The Pervert’s Guide To Cinema and follow-up The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology. There’s no word on when we can expect the film to arrive, but we’ll certainly keep our heads on a swivel to bring you the goods as soon as they arrive, so be sure to stay tuned. For more on the BBC’s forthcoming film slate, hit the link below.

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