A$AP Rocky scores short film 'Baby Gangster'
A$AP Rocky scores short film 'Baby Gangster'

Pass The Popcorn: A$AP Rocky Scores Short Film 'Baby Gangster'

A$AP Rocky scores short film 'Baby Gangster'A$AP Rocky scores short film 'Baby Gangster'

We all expected A$AP Rocky  to be going Hollywood any minute now, what with his first high-profile modeling gig already under his DKNY-branded belt. But maybe not via the score of an artsy black and white short film following a notorious gangbanger turned lowrider expert around his Los Angeles. That's what British director Luke Monaghan did to create the visually poetic short Baby Gangster and since he was working on a project with Rocky anyway (we're assuming a music video? But sounds intriguing) he had Lord Flacko Jodye II tap out a few choice beats for this as well, explaining:

"I have an ongoing project with A$AP Rocky, and we rode a little wave that day in a dark room in LA, coming out of it with music for my short."

The other two tracks heard in the film are from UK producer Tev'n and they both flow pretty seamlessly with the imagery and the A$AP tracks. Though described as "a swaggering score" on the Nowness premiere, the tracks are much more dissonant than that, sounding like the Compton/Inglewood equivalent of Microstoria or a triller version of chillwave (chiller trillwave?). The juxtaposition of the subdued, atmospheric beats with Monaghan's gorgeous photography of lowriders in full bounce mode strongly recall Flying Lotus and Kahlil Joseph's lucid street dream Until The Quiet Comes. You know if it was a black and white documentary iand starred a dude who clearly provided the inspiration for Deebo in the movie Friday...instead of Storyboard P. Watch below, learn something about the L.A. underworld and get pysched about this mysterious A$AP x Monaghan project.