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Chicago House Legends Street-Side-Boyz Get A Woozy 7 Minute Remix From Aphex Twin

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It's a gorgeous thing when two music legends cross paths, and in this case that beauty is deep, dark and electronic. Late Wednesday night, UK producer Aphex Twin released a brand new remix of Chicago house icons Street Side Boyz, taking their classic late '80s single "I Wanna Be With You" and remixing it into something even more sprawling—a gnarled soundscape made of polychrome shadows.

While the original Street Side Boyz cut clocks in at five minutes, Aphex Twin's refab is a full two minutes longer and pulses with a bit more sub-bass than was likely possible, given 1988 equipment. It's not leaner, but it sure is meaner, and a welcome addition to the playlists of modern house acolytes spinning around the world. Aphex Twin has been on an absolute tear uploading music sourced from his many hard drives of demos, rough drafts and scrapped projects.

Was his remix of "I Wanna Be With You," then, just meant to be a personal exercise? I solitary homage? Whatever the reasons it was made, we're just glad he's shared it with the world. Listen to the Street Side Boyz remix below and if you're hungry for more of this dark and stormy electro, go ahead and bookmork Aphex's SoundCloud.