Andra Day x The Roots cover Kendrick's "No Makeup"

Watch Andra Day Make Kendrick Lamar's "No Makeup" Her Own At The Roots Jam Sessions 2016

Watch Andra Day Make Kendrick Lamar's "No Makeup" Her Own At The Roots Jam Sessions 2016

Andra Day joined The Roots at the 10th annual Roots Jam Sessions in LA to deliver a unique rendition of Kendrick Lamar’s “No Makeup.”

Still young in the industry game, Andra Day a musical force to be reckoned with. Her unique vocal stylings, combining the jazz sensibility of Billie Holiday, raw emotion of Amy Winehouse and pop range of Adele, has made. In just a short time on the music scene, she gained two Grammy nominations for her debut album Cheers To The Fall. She kicked off the festivities for Night Two of the 10th annual Roots Jam Sessions in Hollywood. Her song “Rise Up” has gained much traction in the past year in pop culture, along with various tracks on her album, so it was a bit of a surprise when she instead of the expected big gun, she drew for a Kendrick Lamar cover to end her set instead! Though maybe not too much of surprise, since she’s shown the song love before (and racked up more than a million youtube hits with her Eminem cover).

Dressed in old-school glamour meets the hipster-fied present, with her hair pinned up and tied in a scarf, a fur-trimmed lounge coat, graphic tee, jeans and her signature red lipstick, Miss Day commanded the stage with both star presence and her power vocals. The Cali-based songstress ended her short set with a loungy rendition of Kendrick’s “No Makeup,” from his Section80 mixtape. With her gold-ringed fingers gripping the mic stand, Day’s soothing tone brought new life into Lamar’s track, floating over the music from bar to bar, stylistically evoking a certain Badu-esque magic. Watch Andra Day make “No Makeup” her very own, below and stay tuned as we have more videos to come from our footage of amazing performances from Lenny Kravitz, Tori Kelly and more!

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