Amerigo Gazaway Brilliantly Blends UGK & B.B. King

The Trill Is Gone: Hear Amerigo Gazaway's Brilliant Blend Of UGK & B.B. King

by zo
September 16, 2015 10:45 AM

The Trill Is Gone: Amerigo Gazaway's New Project Brilliantly Blends B.B. King & UGK

Amerigo Gazaway is this generation’s greatest musical alchemist, bridging the gap between hip-hop and its forefathers, whether they be of funk, afrobeat or Motown’s eternal glory. Today he’s unveiled his latest era-blurring blend, fitting the almighty Underground Kingz (UGK) to a sonic palette forged from blues giant B.B. King and his trusty six-string Lucille, aptly titled The Trill Is Gone. With his latest outing, Gazaway lights a flame in honor of the late Pimp Crealizing an unlikely, yet captivating concoction of southern slur and electric blues, joining the new and old schools with his own stew of murky organ work, expert chops and the bruising bars of one Bun B.

The inaugural offering from the project takes its name from the album’s title, The Trill Is Gone, tactfully splicing UGK’s “One Day” with King’s classic 1970 cover of Roy Hawkins’ “The Thrill Is Gone” (his first commercial success,) dialing back the BPMs just a tad to fit the all-too-tuff verbiage of some of The South’s finest MCs. Stream Amerigo Gazaway’s latest down below, and if this brilliantly blend is to your liking, peep the trailer for the album and keep your eyes on us for the next episode in this terminally trill sage. Download the cut via Bandcamp today.

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