Premiere: Adrian Daniel Stays Soulful On New Cut "Pride"

OKP Premiere: Adrian Daniel Delivers On The Soulful New Cut "Pride"

by Scott Heins
December 03, 2015 11:16 AM

Adrian Daniel Press Photo

Shapeshifting Booklyn crooner Adrian Daniel blends tones ond and new on his latest single “Pride,” a track that reckons with broken families, battered hearts and hope. And Okayplayer is very pleased to present its world premiere.

“Pride” struts along with a tight bass and drum chop, channelling the sound of classic Stevie Wonder, 90s-era Seal and modern Justin Timberlake to offer up a vibe that’s impossible to get out of your head. With sly bass fills and towering harmonies darting from all angles, there’s so much going on in “Pride” that it demands multiple listens. This is the kind of track you can just keep on repeat as you walk across an entire city.

“Pride about how the absence of a father/mother could lead to the mistreatment of the person you love because you never got that love from your parent,” Daniel said. “The first half represents my father not being in my life and me thinking if I was the perfect kid maybe he would have wanted me more and would have stayed and that transitions to the second half and how I turned him not being there towards the person I lvoe and how pain was all I knew so how could I know how to love someone when I didn’t get that love from my father?” It all peaks for Daniel with the climactic line “Father have I made you proud for what I have done to the women I love?” This is deeply difficult stuff, decked out in high-fashion funk. Listen to the world premiere of “Pride” below. Check out Danield catalog over on iTunes, and if you’re on the East Coast, make a point to catch his show at Bowery Electric later this month.

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