Adele’s ’25’ LP Release & 2015 Tour Called Into Question

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Adele Announces '25' LP And Supporting Tour For 2015

Adele Announces '25' LP And Supporting Tour For 2015

UPDATE: As the internet got all up-in-arms over the first word of Adele’s four-years in the making 25 LP, we’re getting word that our source may not have been the most sturdy one, throwing the whole thing into limbo. Her label XL Recordings expressed that there was “no truth in this” to Billboard, so while we previously posted that the album and supporting tour were in the bag, we’re gonna have to take back any form of “confirmation” and get back to you when there’s some more info. Keep it locked, as we’ll be sure to bring you the latest in Adele’s dealings.


Adele‘s long-awaited follow-up to the critically-adored 21 LP seems it’ll be making its way to your ears in the form of 25 and should be landing at some point in 2015. The Grammy-winning powerhouse soulstress has apparently confirmed the album and a supporting tour for next year through the World Music Awards‘ Twitter feed:

However, it remains to be seen whether 21‘s men behind the scenes (i.e. Rick Rubin and Paul Epworth) will be reprising their roles as producers for the album. In any case, it already seems 2015 is going to be on some next level ish. Stay tuned, as we’ll have plenty more on 25 as details roll out.

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