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Video Shows "No Jumper" Host Adam22 Held at Gunpoint During Live Stream

The host appeared to get attacked by an armed shooter while recording his show.

Adam22 was held at gunpoint during a live taping of his podcast, "No Jumper."

Footage appears to show the controversial 35-year-old internet personality, born Adam John Grandmaison, sitting down at a table before an armed intruder emerges. The gunman holds the weapon to Adam's head and can be heard saying, "give me all your fucking money," and "do you wanna die right now?"

Adam attempts to block the weapon as they scuffle for a few seconds before falling out of the frame. Another voice in the video can be heard saying, "How dare you... Don't you fucking pull up on us with a gun you little bitch. What the fuck is wrong with you?"

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The host ended the live stream and called the cops. According to TMZ, LAPD responded to the scene and the gunman was arrested and taken into custody.

After the incident, Adam posted a clip of the live stream to his Instagram account with the caption, "They tried to kill me lmao."

After the incident, Adam22 made attempts at a few jokes.