Action Bronson Talks Tackling Fans, Dabs & Come-Up On The Champs

Action Bronson Talks Tackling Fans, Dabs & His Come-Up On The Champs

by zo
February 12, 2014 12:19 PM

Action Bronson Talks White Rappers, Smoking With Mom On 'The Champs'

Action Bronson takes his wit and irreverence out west to chat it up with The Champs. The Queens MC waxes immemorial for Neil and Moshe on his origin tales, giving proper service to his distaste for white rappers as a youngin’, his former life as a cook–now a total and utter foodie–and how him and his Mom used to get down on a toke every once in awhile. Wanna get a glimpse at an adolescent Bronsolino? Hear him rap about tackling unruly fans off stage? Peer into the mind of one of New York’s most promising MCs –and hip-hop’s wildest personality–with the herbal aficionado’s appearance on The Champs below.

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