Read Early Poems & Letters From A Young Tupac

Read 17-Year-Old Tupac's Hand-Written Poems & Letters

Tupac’s vulnerablility as an artist has never really been in question. Though some of us are old enough (myself not included) to remember the hardening of the former Digital Underground back-up dancer and Poetic Justice star over the years, it seems as though it may be difficult to imagine a time when the Death Row via East Coast rap legend was still scribbling thoughts down school notebook papers. To help us remember the more tender side of Pac, the good folks over at LA’s Citizens Of Humanity have given us some food for thought in a recent profile on his longtime manager Leila Steinberg, unearthing several poems and hand-written letters penned in adolescence.

Thoughtful and introspective as he’s ever been, Pac writes on lusting and heartbreak, ambition and defeat, opening up about relationships and grander schemes. A lot of the stuff you would imagine was going through your brain at 17 expressed through Pac’s still spry prose, but as poignant as we’ve all come to know him. Click through the gallery above to read some of Tupac’s earliest pieces and hit the link below to get the full script on how Steinberg and Shakur first came to meet.

—>>>Read More via Citizens Of Humanity 

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