Wu-Tang Clan’s Debut Album To Be Remade By Nine Modern Rappers

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Wu-Tang Clan's Debut Album To Be Remade By Nine Modern Rappers
Photo Credit: Coup d'Oreille

Photo Credit: Coup d’Oreille

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Wu-Tang Clan‘s seminal debut studio album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). So, it’s understandable that the group has plans to celebrate the occasion, including remaking the classic hip-hop album.

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“We’re gonna make the album with nine MCs from today and each new MC will play a character in the original 36 Chambers,” Steve Rifkind, co-founder of Loud Records, said in an interview with XXL. Alongside Rich Isaacson, Rifkind founded Loud Records in 1991 and launched the careers of Wu-Tang, Big Pun, and Mobb Deep. In 2002, Rifkind sold Loud and its catalog to Sony. Now, he’s resurrecting the label in a partnership with RED Music and Legacy Recordings. As a part of the relaunch, the label will be remaking 36 Chambers.

Rifkind also said that a “major tour” to mark the album’s anniversary is in the works.

Recently, Wu-Tang member Method Man discussed Martin Shkreli and the Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album that may potentially end up in the hands of the Department of Justice. The rapper revealed that he thought they were giving the music away and that it’d only be available to listen to in a museum, but then it ended up with Shkreli.

“… some people were tryin’ to buy it from him, but he was asking for too much,” Method Man said. “…I haven’t heard anything on the album—only the songs I did, and I didn’t hear anybody else on ’em because they only sent me instrumentals. But honestly, just give the s**t away free.”

Source: XXL

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