“Tupac Was Like a Little Brother With Us” – Chuck D on Coaching Rappers in the Late-80s

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"Tupac Was Like a Little Brother With Us" - Chuck D on Coaching Rappers in the Late-80s
Source: UPROXX/People's Party

“I was like Uncle Chuck”

After dropping a bombshell earlier in the week, Talib Kweli‘s People’s Party podcast has shared another clip from an upcoming interview with the legendary Chuck D.

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In the latest excerpt from their interview, Chuck takes it back to a nurturing period in Public Enemy‘s career. The hip-hop legend details the group’s role and obligation in mentoring upcoming artists during their ascent, coaching rappers like Tupac and Treach of Naughty by Nature during formative moments of their respective careers. Chuck goes on to recount a few tales from the road, recalling how he once shut down a PE show when he saw Pac getting jumped by police in the crowd and doing his best to keep an eye on the young rappers when they were touring.

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Watch Chuck D tell tales from the early years of Public Enemy in the clip below. Hold tight for the full episode to drop tomorrow morning.

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