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The First Posthumous Aaliyah Album is Dropping This Month

The posthumous Aaliyah album, Unstoppable, will have features from Drake, Future, and Ne-Yo, The Weeknd, and Snoop Dogg.

After releasing new single "Poison" featuring The Weeknd last month, Aaliyah's legacy continues to be "unstoppable." It was announced that the posthumous Aaliyah album Unstoppable would soon release. In a new interview on The Geno Jones Show, Blackground Records 2.0 founder (and Aaliyah's uncle) Barry Hankerson confirmed that it will arrive this month.

"Because of [the success of "Poison"] we think it will only get better with people such as Ne-Yo, Snoop Dogg, Future and Drake, one of her biggest fans. Those are the features that will be on the record and that will be out in January." Hankerson said.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Hankerson also said that a Timbaland-produced track featuring Chris Brown would be on the album, but that longtime Aaliyah collaborator Missy Elliott wouldn't be a part of Unstoppable.

"Tim is involved, but Missy isn’t. Timbaland has openly told us that he would like to help us in any way he can and he’s already doing that. So I hope that grows and grows back to the status that we had 20 years ago," Hankerson said. "All these kids that worked with us to help build us, we have an open door for them to come, bring artists and do whatever they want to do with their careers. We’re very open to that."

Unstoppable is anticipated to also feature production from DannyBoyStyles and Nick Lamb, mixing from Mike Dean and Shin Kamiyam on engineering while and songwriting from The Weeknd and the late Static Major. Although Unstoppable doesn't have a set release date, it will also be the latest Aaliyah album to be released on Blackground Records 2.0, which released the singer's long-awaited catalog to streaming services last September.