Watch Tame Impala Perform “Love/Paranoia”
Watch Tame Impala Perform “Love/Paranoia”
Source: NBC

Tame Impala Performs Rare Album Cut “Love/Paranoia" on 'Fallon'

Watch Tame Impala Perform \u201cLove/Paranoia\u201d Source: NBC

Last week, Tame Impala played two shows in New York.

One show was a concert they had in Port Chester. The other performance was when the band headlined day two of the Panorama Festival in New York City.

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During those shows, the psychedelic band did something they never did before: they performed Currents standout “Love/Paranoia." On Monday night the band dusted that song again. This time on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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This is a pretty interesting moment for Tame Impala, because the band currently doesn't have another show scheduled in 2017.

So...this might be the only Tame Impala performance we'll see in a while.

Enjoy it below.