Radamiz's "NYNYNYNY" Music Video Captures The Fast-Paced Feel Of Living In NYC

Radamiz's "NYNYNYNY" Music Video Captures The Fast-Paced Feel Of Living In NYC

Radamiz has released the new music video for “NYNYNYNY.”

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Directed by Thana Brick, “NYNYNYNY” finds the Bed-Stuy-based Radamiz rapping throughout the streets of New York. Scenes of people walking throughout the city are blended with still images taken by Brick, faces quickly becoming a blur as the video moves on to something else. The music video captures the anxiety as well as the dark beauty of a city like New York, Radamiz’s rallying cry of “New York” building into a mantra that lingers well after the song is over.

“[‘NYNYNYNY’] is our ode to the loneliness experienced in a crowded NYC,” Radamiz said. “A scream on a busy street, the soundtrack, the fast walkers, the shoulder to lean on when the city seems to swallow you whole. Our video aims to express the anxiety experienced in the glorious city, the antithesis to the high nose culture and exclusivity the New York elite proudly show off. A video for the people: thousands of cameos but no one ever really seen. This video is a journal entry of the hustler who regardless of poverty, hunger and inability to grasp attention for their story maintain supreme confidence in self — knowing the love being sought out is right around the corner from desperation.”

Radamiz is a part of Payday Records. Prior to “NYNYNYNY,” he dropped the music video for “V.I.M.

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