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Now, Nicki Minaj & Latto Are Going Back & Forth

After The Recording Academy said Nicki Minaj hit "Super Freaky Girl" categorizes as pop, the rapper got into an Twitter war with Latto.

The claws were out between Nicki Minaj and Latto last night. After her hit "Super Freaky Girl" was kicked out of consideration for the 2023 Grammy Awards rap categories, Nicki Minaj went after The Recording Academy and dragged Latto into the conversation. To Nicki, Latto's Tom Tom Club-sampling breakout "Big Energy" should also be removed from the Grammys rap categories, although final nominations will be announced on November 23.

Latto seemingly read Nicki's tweets, sending a subliminal shot of her own after being nominated in three categories for the 2022 American Music Awards.

A couple of hours later, Nicki posted a since-deleted tweet with a screenshot of a text from Latto. "This Karen has probably mentioned my name in over 100 interviews," Nicki tweeted. "Says she waited in line for Pink Friday w|her Barbie chain on, bangs, pink hair…but today, scratch off decides to be silent; rather than speak up for the black woman she called her biggest inspiration.”

Latto clapped back, saying that she didn't want to partake in "internet shit" with a rapper she once admired.

She followed-up with a criticism about Nicki's age, but Nicki retorted in a since-deleted tweet to Latto saying she thought the 23-year-old was "at least 35."

The two female rappers went back and forth, pulling receipts on their previous DM interactions and Latto alleging that Nicki has shaded her in the past.

Latto continued with tweeting evidence of Nicki slighting her in tweets and Queen Radio, also a phone conversation the two had after a DM interaction on Instagram.

Latto doubled back to Nicki's initial tweet about "Big Energy" saying that the Grammy-nominated rapper brought her up because their last conversation "didn't end on good terms."

In another blow, Latto sent shots to Nicki's husband, Kenneth Petty, calling him a "rapist" while Nicki is her "idol turned rival."

Nicki indirectly responded with subs about Latto collaboration with producer and accused rapist Dr. Luke and having a song with Kodak Black, who pled guilty to sexual assault in 2021. In another since-deleted tweet, she brought up her idol Lauryn Hill, saying that the Grammy-winning singer and rapper is a "grandmother" and still "out-rapping" Latto.

The conversation got into more spats well into the morning about Nicki and Latto once planning a failed collaboration together, and Latto claiming that Nicki doesn't write all of her music.

This is a lot. Maybe someone should get into a booth?