Watch Murs and 9th Wonder’s Super Mini-Movie [PREMIERE]

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The mini-movie features music from the duo’s forthcoming album.

Power duo Murs and 9th Wonder just released a mini-movie titled, The Iliad Is Dead.

The music featured in the mega music video flick are songs that appear on the duo’s forthcoming album, The Iliad Is Dead And The Odyssey Is Over, which is slated for release August 9.

The visual showcases the greatness, challenges, and realities of Los Angeles, as Murs maneuvers through different scenarios— from a fight ring to a video set. The five-tracks featured from the project include “The Hulk, “My Hero, “F*ck Them, “Cancun 08” and “Gas Station Gucci Belt.”

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“I’ve always loved comic books, cinema, and Hip-Hop. This video was a chance to combine all three,” Murs told Okayplayer. “The first time I created a short film was for “Walk Like A Man” off of me and 9th’s first album. It was fun and very well received. I’ve wanted to do something similar for years, and now seemed like the perfect time!” 

“This being my first project post-Strange Music, I wanted to make sure the content was comparable to the visuals I had been releasing over the past few years,” he adds. “When director Justin Marmostein sat down to discuss the visuals for this album, we knew this is what we had to do. We created superheroes like myself (“The Hulk”) and Alexis (Nikki Narcos) the protagonist of my song “My Hero,” which was inspired by Cyntonia Brown and her case (Cyntonia was released from prison yesterday after having her life sentence commuted). We also created villains like the muscle-bound chain wielding cheater (Michael Giovanni Rivera) and the gun-toting Pookie Blow who along with her henchmen played by Villain Park try to shoot-up my after-party. Making this mini-movie a reality was fun and expensive as fuck… 9th and I hope you all enjoy the film as well as the album that inspired it.”

March marked the fifteenth anniversary of Murs and 9th’s partnership, with their debut collaborative project, Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition. Since Murs’ 3:16, they have released five additional albums. The new album title references the two poems that are attributed to Greek poet Homer is the final installment of Murs and 9th’s epic journey. 

Watch the mini-movie below.


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