“Where The Fuck is Hop-Hop At?” : Michael Rapaport Blasts Rappers for Not Addressing COVID-19

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"Where The Fuck is Hop-Hop At?" Michael Rapaport Blasts Rappers for Not Addressing COVID-19
Source: Twitter

“This is why people don’t take that new shit seriously.”

A cartoonishly urgent Michael Rapaport rant is making the rounds on Twitter today.

In a promo clip for an episode of his podcast (see below,) the actor voiced outrage over the lack of the coronavirus references in hip-hop, blasting rappers for not addressing “the actual blood, sweat, and tears that we’ve all been dealing with” during the global pandemic. But as he works himself up, Rapaport narrows his critique to target “that new shit,” implying that contemporary hip-hop was particularly unabiding to this strange demand and was somehow lesser for it.

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Though it’s unclear what Rapaport’s precise critique was, rappers with critical and pedestrian clout have rightfully taken Rapaport’s comments as a not-so-quiet indictment of the multiple generations of rappers who’ve defined the last decade hip-hop. “Yt ppl love being guests in our culture just to complain about shit (with no sound basis)” writes Philly Rapper, lojii, on Twitter. “Imagine if commentators knew there were more voices in the world than Cole, Kenny and Cordae?” asks Detroit’s Quelle Chris.

Watch Michael Rapaport’s call to arms below and scroll on for some of hip-hop’s more pointed responses.



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