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There's a Good Chance This is the Last Verse MF DOOM Ever Recorded

MF DOOM makes an appearance on Atmosphere's new album, WORD?

On Friday, legendary rap duo Atmosphere released their new album, WORD?

The album, which is Slug and Ant's 12th, features appearances from Evidence, Nino Bless, Sa-Roc, and more. The album highlight, however, comes at the very end. The last track on WORD? is "Barcade" a menacing posse cut that features Aesop Rock and MF DOOM.  

It's the latest DOOM guest appearance to be released since the rapper's death on October 31st 2020. (MF DOOM died on Halloween but the world didn't find out until December 31st 2020, when his wife Jasmine announced it on his Instagram page.) As it turns out, it also might be the last verse DOOM ever recorded.

Slugspoke to HipHopDX back in August and the veteran MC revealed that DOOM handed in that verse in October, just days before he would pass:

"I was doing the math, because he gave me that verse and was like, ‘I’m good. I like it.’ And that was in October," Slug said. "He was one of the last people to give me a part for the album. And so when he gave it to me and then when I did the math and they said that he died on Halloween, I was just like, ‘Yo he gave me this verse right before he died.'”

If this is truly one of DOOM's last verses, it shows the rapper's pen was still sharp, rapping tongue twisters like:

"See par dipped off the price is right

Free car, we are

Bob Barker, much darker

Black parka, fat marker

Mic sparker

Metal face, more bodies than a

Night stalker"

It would  also be. a fitting end for MF DOOM who was signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment — the label Slug and Any build.

Correction: An earlier version of this article listed April as the month the Slug interview was conducted. The interview was actually conducted in August. We regret this error.