Watch Meek Mill Talk About Prison Reform on The Ellen Show [VIDEO]

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Meek Mill has become hip-hop’s poster child for prison reform.

The Philadelphia rapper made his debut appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, where he talked about watching the show while he was incarcerated and his commitment to criminal justice reform.

Mill spoke on his 2007 arrest for alleged false charges of threatening a police officer with a weapon, his ongoing probation sentence, and his five-month bid in prison.

The first time I went to prison, I actually got locked up in the South Philly area— I call it a ruthless environment. A lot of violence happened, a lot of drugs happened. This is where you have to hang at if you grew up in this area and you don’t have money and you grew up in poverty… So, you end up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

He continued, “I was 18-19 years old when I got on probation. I’m 31 years old and still on probation.”

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Mill released from prison earlier this year after he was imprisoned on a technical probation violation when a judge determined that he violated that probation by popping a wheelie on a bike in New York City.

Mill also penned an opinion piece in The New York Times published on Monday (November 25th) and is gearing up to release his forthcoming album, Championships.

Watch a segment from the interview below.


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