MC Eiht Reveals Why Tupac was Ousted from ‘Menace II Society’

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MC Eiht Reveals Why Tupac was Ousted from 'Menace II Society'
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The late rapper was originally cast as Sharif in the Hughes Brothers’ iconic 1993 directorial debut.

Talib Kweli‘s People’s Party podcast returns on Monday, featuring a career-spanning chat with MC Eiht.

In a clip from their discussion, the Compton rapper recounts how The Hughes Brothers originally cast Tupac as Sharif in Menace II Society, but never intended for him to actually keep the role. “I don’t think they wanted him in the movie in the first place,” Eiht notes after recalling combative table reads with the late rapper, who took issue with being cast as a “voice of reason” character and was vocally critical of the script’s failure to explain why he came to be that way. It wouldn’t be long before Pac was dropped and eventually replaced by Vonté Sweet.

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The Hughes Brothers have a long, but infamously contentious, relationship with Tupac. In the early-90s, they worked on several music videos with the late rapper (“Brenda’s Got a Baby” and “Trapped,”) but took him to court in 1994 after the rapper allegedly assaulted them on set. He served 15 days in jail for the incident.

Watch an excerpt from the upcoming episode of People’s Party below. Hold tight for the full drop on Monday morning.

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