Max Well Gets Interviewed by Touré
Max Well Gets Interviewed by Touré

Maxwell on Artists Making Cohesive Albums: "I Feel Like That's Going to Come Back Eventually"

Maxwell gave an extended interview toTour

On Wednesday, writer and commentator Tour debuted his podcast. Called simply the Tour Show, each episode of the podcast will feature the writer interviewing a successful person in his or her's respective field. Tour will try to discover the factors that led to that individual's success. What did they do right? What did they do wrong? How did they deal with failure?

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Basically, it's a podcast about process. And the first episode is about how to make it in music. The first guest on the show is the legendary Maxwell, who's been able to keep an aura of mystique to him despite the fact that he's very popular.

During the interview, the two covered a number of different topics, from his creative process to how he's been able to maintain such a private life.

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One of the more interesting moments in the conversation came when Maxwell talked about making an album more specifically, on making a cohesive album and why young artists don't do it anymore. According to Maxwell:

"It's all algorithms based. Algorithms in terms of how the Internet works. Who is featured. Who the producer is. It's all based on this algorithm thing...What happens is because of the new digital age, things are suggested to you based on the song, the producer, the feature. If you like this song then you'll like that song. And that's what happens now. That's why a lot of people partner up with DJs because it sort of just gives them a broader reach. It's difficult for me because i still work with the same team. I always get request to work with people. Here and there I do. But I make creative decisions because i like the person, not because it's going to get me a bigger audience."

When asked how he's still able to put together cohesive projects, the singer said:

"I'm old [Laughs]. Just to keep it real. There's no other way to think about it. I feel like that's going to come back eventually, again. There's a huge movement with vinyl that I think people are underestimating right now amongst the Gen Z group. There's a huge movement of wanting that analog experience again."

The entire interview is pretty interesting. Head to iTunes to listen to it.

And watch out for future episodes of theTour Show, which will feature Black Thought, Diddy, RZA, Nikki Giovanni, and much more.