Lil Nas X Rodeo Video
Lil Nas X Rodeo Video
Photo Credit: YouTube

Lil Nas X Is a Zombie in New "Rodeo" Video Featuring Nas

Lil Nas X Rodeo Video Photo Credit: YouTube

The rising star wreaks havoc on a small city in his latest visual.

Following his recent Grammy wins, Lil Nas X returns to release his latest video for his song “Rodeo.”

He shared with his fans that he’d be dropping the clip today by posting a selfie from when he was on set for the video. The visual features the rising artist as a zombie wreaking havoc throughout a small town. In the beginning, he dons an all-white vinyl and leather outfit paired with creepy red and black contacts. 

At one point, he is nearly shot by a zombie hunter but manages to catch the dart that would’ve ended his life. He then enters some type of late-night convenience store and looks over some serum by Estée Lauder (clearly an ad). Doritos also make an appearance too. Lil Nas X even breaks out in a well-executed dance number alongside an assortment of vampires. 

The visual also features Nas, who recently added his own verse to the track on a new remix. Towards the end of the clip, there’s a scene a bit reminiscent of the cult classic, The Matrix. Lil Nas X runs past an onslaught of bullets from more hunters and escapes. 

For fans wondering what happened to Cardi B since she originally appeared on the song off his debut album 7, Lil Nas X took to Twitter to share she wasn’t available. “i didn’t 'kick' cardi off of rodeo. she couldn’t do the video. we cool tho.”

2020 has proven to be a successful year for Lil Nas X, not only was he nominated for six Grammys (he won two) but he also performed at the ceremony which aired recently. His performance included K-pop group BTS, Nas, Mason Ramsey, Diplo and Billy Ray Cyrus. His single “Old Town Road” Remix is the longest-charting No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

Watch the “Rodeo” video below.