Legendary Drummer Bernard Purdie is Selling His Personal Vinyl Collection
Legendary Drummer Bernard Purdie is Selling His Personal Vinyl Collection
(Photo by Don Paulsen/Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images)

Legendary Drummer Bernard Purdie is Selling His Personal Record Collection

Purdie is partnering with Rappcats to offer fans handpicked selections from his vinyl collection for a limited time.

Legendary session drummer, Bernard Purdie, will be selling off pieces of his expansive record collection this month.

Announced today by Rappcats and NowAgain Records chief, Egon Alapatt, with a clip of Quasimoto onlooking as the drummer gleefully runs through his trademark "Purdie Shuffle" (see below,) the sale will feature records culled from the drummer's personal archive, mostly comprising albums he played on with or (in many cases) without credit.

"I mainly collected records I played on, and people used to sign them for me. Any time there’s a note on those records, like Quincy Jones’ records, it’s an indication that I’m on it," Purdie tells Rappcats about the collection. "It’s cool for me to sell these as I already made my, you know, peace with myself. And knowing that I’m on over 4,000 albums, I don’t worry about fighting with anyone. It doesn’t matter to me now. But I do like to tell the truth. The legacy is out there. they can’t take it away from me now," the drummer adds.

The records are batched into three different "bags." For $80, fans can grab a pair of albums Purdie contributed to, packaged with a three-page letter from the drummer that serves as a primer on his career of supporting some of the most revered artists of the last 50 years. The $40 bag consists of at least one album the drummer played and the $20 bargain bag features two randomly picked albums Purdie found to be of interest for one reason or another.

You can head over to Rappcats today to secure your bag of preference and learn more about the collection.