Jaden Smith Was Very Jaden Smith During His Reddit AMA
Jaden Smith Was Very Jaden Smith During His Reddit AMA
Source: Reddit

Jaden Smith Was Very Jaden Smith During His Reddit AMA

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Jaden will blow your mind

Jaden Smithis now known as a good-to-great rap artist. But for many years he was best known for being one of the great social media philosophers of our time.

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Here is a quick sample of some of his greatest work:

And of course this all-time classic:

On Wednesday, Jaden took his Jadenisms to Reddit, where he did a AMA. It was glorious, of course. Jaden answered a range of questions, centered on things like Frank Ocean, Kanye West, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Here are some of the more interesting questions and responses:

What's Frank Ocean's number? But for real, whats he like to hang with?

It Makes Me Nervous To Hang Out With Him, Cause He Is Too Talented

808s or Yeezus?


Why Do You Capitalize Each Letter Like This?


If you could choose any 5 artists to feature on your next project, who would they be?

Kendrick, Bon Iver, EARL, Justin Bieber, Lola Wolf

How do you feel about BROCKHAMPTON? Any plans with them?

BROCKHAMPTON Is Fire And Yes We Have Plans

Where did you cop your white batman costume?

It Was Made Custom

Dream collab?

kid Cudi

What new, non hip hop, song you recommend?

505 - Arctic Monkeys

Hey Jaden big fan and I was wondering how much you'd say that Donald Glover/Childish Gambino influenced your musical style and tastes. Was there any advise musically or in general that really resonated with you?

Gambino Is A Huge Inspiration And Friend But This Album Was Inspired By The World Around me

How do you feel about people poking fun at some of your more "out there " tweets? Do you have a hard time embracing the meme or do you just roll with it?

Hey First Off Im Super Weird So I Dont Really Care About Memes I Care Much More About Influencing Music And Fashion.

Great answers Jaden.

Head to Reddit to see the entire Q&A.

Source: Reddit