J Dilla’s Delights: Yet Another Posthumous Beat Tape Surfaces

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Stream J DIlla's Posthumous 'Dillatronic' Tape In Full

Stream J DIlla's Posthumous 'Dillatronic' Tape In Full

Another week, another treat from the J Dilla Estate.

After just releasing the Motor City beat compilation a few months back, the world is graced with yet another stellar posthumous release. Today, as these things tend to go, a new three-disc beat tape from J DillaJ Dilla’s Delights Vol. 1, surfaced out of thin air on Spotify. No promo, no warning, no background and no moment to get our head on straight.

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But it does appear that the estate has been heeding the call for more joints from the vault. And we’re not mad. Not even a little. Will the wellspring ever run dry? Are we soon to arrive at the end of this 11 year grace period with the GOAT? Time will tell, but so long as the heat keeps coming, we’ll be quietly sitting in the corner blessing the air and pouring one out for the late Dilla Dawg.

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Dive into J Dilla’s Delights Vol. 1 below and jump back to hear hand-picked selections from his afterlife beat catalog in our Posthumous Pearls playlist.

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