St. Louis Rapper J’Demul is Getting to the Money on New Single “Pair of Dice”

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J'Demul' Has Money on His Mind on Gritty New Single "Pair of Dice"

St. Louis Rapper J'Demul is Getting to the Money on New Single "Pair of Dice"

J’Demul is a rapper you should be paying attention to

J’Demul is a rapper with money on his mind. And he wants to let you know about it.

The 22-year-old newcomer, who is from St. Louis, Missouri, has released his new song “Pair of Dice,” and it’s a heater. 

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On the track, J’Demul, who is utilizing a bluesy drunken flow, raps over a dusty piano loop about wanting to get to the money.

On the track J’Demul spits:

One thing I was taught, never forget where you come from. I just go where I’m welcome. Fresh to death like I jumped out of a coffin. I got money to get, don’t waste time with your talkin’. Don’t want no bougie ass bitch, because we ain’t got shit in common.

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The track is J’Demul’s first new single in over two years. It will be on the reality rapper’s upcoming mixtape Downtown Certified. If you haven’t been up on J’Demul get familiar. Stream “Pair of Dice” below.



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