Ice Cube Walks Away from $9 Million Movie Deal Over COVID Vaccine Requirement

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Ice Cube performs during Nightmare On Q Street at the Orleans Arena on October 16, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Ice Cube was set to star alongside Jack Black in a new comedy from Sony Pictures.

Sony Pictures is officially on the hunt for an actor to replace Ice Cube in their upcoming comedy, Oh Hell No. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the rapper-turned-actor (turned-anti-vaxxer?) reportedly stepped away from the film after declining a request from producers to get one of the COVID-19 vaccines. And apparently, nobody involved in the production wants to say anything about it, as the studio, the rapper’s agency, the film’s producers and director, are all refusing to comment.

However, the same sources who revealed Cube’s departure from the production are claiming the rapper was slated to earn $9 million for his role, starring alongside Jack Black in the movie. Production on the film was set to begin this winter in Hawaii led by director Kitao Sakurai, who was fresh off a breakout moment with Eric Andre‘s Bad Trip in 2020. THR also reports producers of the movie made it clear all cast and crew were required to get vaccinated.

And though it seems like a lot to turn down just to avoid the shot, Oh Hell No isn’t even the first picture Cube has exited this year. THR notes the rapper was slated to star in a boxing movie from Universal titled Flint Strong. And though it actually did one day of shooting in March 2020 before getting shut down during the pandemic, Cube only just left that project within the last few months. It’s unclear whether that had anything to do with top-down vaccine requirements on set. Cube has yet to offer a statement.


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