Jai Paul Returns on Fabiana Palladino's Spacious and Warm Ballad "Mystery"

Jai Paul Returns on Fabiana Palladino's Spacious and Warm Ballad "Mystery"

by zo
November 16, 2017 3:16 PM

Jai Paul Returns on Fabiana Palladino's Cosmic Ballad "Mystery"

Source: The Paul Institute

The Paul Institute shakes off the dust with a pair of new gems

Jai Paul has made his first appearance on a song in nearly six years.

This morning he released a new single from British singer, Fabiana Palladino, through The Paul Institute, an incubator for UK musicians, artists and techies founded by Paul, his brother A.K., and Muz Azar. Earlier this week, a British real estate publication reported that the trio had purchased an old BBC disco to house their venture.

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Palladino’s new single, “Mystery,” is a spacious and warm ballad, built out of purple pop dynamics a la Prince. It features Jai on a range of instruments and singing back-up vocals, as well as handling the bulk of production and mixing duties. “Mystery” was released alongside Ruthven’s electric “Evil” (featuring production from A.K.) as the first Paul Institute tracks since its early 2016 launch.

Hear both songs via The Paul Institute below. Sign up for their email list for direct updates on new releases. Stay tuned for the next transmission.


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