Elah Hale Room 206 EP Cover Art
Elah Hale Room 206 EP Cover Art
Photo Credit: Interscope

Brooklyn Singer Elah Hale Releases Soulful Debut EP, 'Room 206'

Elah Hale Room 206 EP Cover Art Photo Credit: Interscope

Hale's debut EP Room 206 is reflective and compelling.

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Elah Hale reveals her debut EP, Room 206. The lush release is equipped with nine smooth tracks sharing intimate portrayals of love, her aching heart and joy-filled moments. 

At 20 years old, there’s an infectious energy that she manages to capture in her music. Hale, who is also a playwright and model began playing the guitar at five years old after her parents enrolled her in Manhattan’s Third Street Music School. This proved to be an instrumental moment in her life. In a feature with DJ Booth, she recalls music always being a part of her life since her parents were both involved in visual arts. 

Her relationship with music continued blossoming as she got older. College also tremendously influenced her (as it does for many of those who decide to go). In fact, she decided to name her EP after her sophomore dorm room where she made significant choices that still affect her today.  Room 206 features hints of jazz, pop, soul and also R&B, speaking to Hale’s ability to shapeshift rather than pigeon hole herself into one genre.

Over two weeks ago, we received the EP in advance and took it for a spin. “Saab,” the intro track was a standout upon our first listen. Despite it being under two minutes, it’s a delightful song filled with soothing sounds throughout. 

“Way Down,” and “Holding You Close” are the other tracks that we grew an affinity for. “Way Down” touches on Hale wasting her time with someone that she felt was right for her. It’s a relatable listen tinged with melancholy vibes. Over on “Holding You Close,” Elah gives a brilliant recollection of letting go of a love that once ran deep. It’s a heavy listen, but for those who have been through this, it’s a reflective song that you might keep going back to.  

Room 206 is a damn good listen and it’s not for the faint of heart. In total, it’s an introspective project worth giving a spin. In the moments we’re currently experiencing Hale’s debut broke me away from the monotony of the industry and allowed me a chance to exhale and actually breathe.

Stream Elah Hale's debut EP Room 206 below.