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Dru Hill Puts Out an Open Call for a ‘Verzuz’ Matchup: “Whoever Want it Can Get it”

Dru Hill issues a challenge to Jodeci, Boyz II Men, 112, and Jagged Edge, in a bid for the next Verzuz slot.

Dru Hill is demanding a chance to shine on the Verzuz stage. And it seems they feel pretty confident about the odds of a win against any of their contemporaries.

Earlier this week, the 90s r&b group put out an open call for a Verzuz matchup on Instagram. “Whoever want it can get it,” said frontman and breakout star, Sisqo, in the candidly competitive clip. “Whether it’s Jodeci, Boyz II Men…I’ll tell you what, how about, like, 112 and Jagged Edge could combine to one group, and then they might have a chance with us,” the singer added before stipulating that whoever stepped up would need to “sing for real” in the ring with them.

So far, none of the namechecked groups have responded. But social media appears to be doing so on their behalf. And based on those reactions (see below,) recognizing the Baltimore r&b ensemble has proven to be more difficult than determining a victor for their hypothetical Verzuz battle (former members Woody Rock and Jazz left the group in 2008 and 2018, respectively.) Also, it’s important to note here both 112 and Jagged Edge already did the whole “kings of late-90s r&b” thing in a glitched-out Verzuz showdown (against each other,) last year. But that seems to be lost on Sysqo & Co.

Watch Dru Hill issue a very broad Verzuz challenge below. Hold tight to see if anyone actually accepts.


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