Drake Shares How the Pandemic Has Given Him Time to Work on His New Album

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(Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage,)

(Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage,)

The OVO rapper also shares that this is the most excited he’s ever been about a release.

Drake and a number of affluent celebrities joined Diddy recently for his dance-a-thon fundraiser. The high-level guests made appearances to raise funds amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

During his moments alongside Diddy, the OVO founder shared quite a few details about his next album. This came after Diddy requested for him to “tell us about what you’re working on in the studio.”

Drake shared, “I’m working on the album, I’ve been working on it for a while now.” He also expressed that the quarantine has helped him to focus on his work. He also added:

“Another silver lining [to lockdown] is, when God does get you to sit down, I remember the last time I had to sit down was when I tore my ACL. And I made a great album out of that. Obviously God has us all inside the house right now sitting down, so the amount of focus I’m able to put into this album is probably way different than it would’ve been if I had to go through the residency in Vegas and be able to go meet up with Justin in Miami or whatever.”

It also wouldn’t be a Drake moment if he didn’t dig a bit deeper and give fans what they wanted to hear. “Saying all that to say that, definitely, this is the most excited I’ve been about an album in a long time,” he shared. “A lot of little stuff has been trickling out but all the stuff on the album is fresh, it’s brand new. I’m excited. This is probably the most music I’ve ever been sitting on. I’m hyped.” 

Elsewhere during the quick appearance,  the Bad Boy Records founder and OVO rapper touched on the pandemic and how everyone is being affected by it. Also, if you’ve ever wondered if Drake is in Diddy’s top five rappers of all time, he is. 

One final moment that came as no surprise, Diddy’s family and Drake did the “Toosie Slide” together.

At the moment, there is no release date for the upcoming album. In the coming months we’ll be keeping an eye out for additional details surrounding the release. 

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