Say So Remix Cover Art Doja Cat Nicki Minaj
Say So Remix Cover Art Doja Cat Nicki Minaj
Photo Credit: RCA

Stream Doja Cat's "Say So" Remix Featuring Nicki Minaj

Minaj adds her own flavor to the pop-centric track.

After a bit of teasing on social media, Doja Cat’s remix to her chart-topping single “Say So” has arrived with a Nicki Minaj feature. 

The last time we checked, the original song filled the No. 5 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. The pop track receives a timely update as quarantine has become a way of life for music fans all over the world. 

This pairing comes as no surprise since Doja Cat has been vocal about being inspired by Minaj’s artistry. In a previous interview with XXL, the Los Angeles native shared she used to make music videos to the Queens rapper’s music. Her delivery is reminiscent of Minaj’s sound over the year and Doja didn’t back down from that in the interview. 

That’s what makes this feature a meeting of two kindred spirits. It’s a fun listen that would sound even better if we were all allowed outside. Nevertheless, Minaj adds hints of her flavor throughout the song by throwing in a few braggadocious lines. “Every time I take a break, the game be so boring / Pretty like Naomi, Cassie, plus Lauren / Spittin' like Weezy, Foxy, plus Lauryn / Ball like the Rams, see, now that's Gordon.”

She also adds in a few more lines that are equally fitting for single: 

“They don't understand the bag talk, I'm foreign / When they think they top the queen, they start fallin' / Word to my ass-shot, I'm so cheeky / Got 'em / Yes, I'm ghetto, word to Gepetto.”

Listen to Doja Cat’s “Say So (Remix)” featuring Nicki Minaj below.