Diddy verzuz
Diddy verzuz
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Diddy Rebukes Jermaine Dupri 'Verzuz' Battle, Says He Only Wants Dr. Dre

Diddy told Jermaine Dupri that he would smash him in a Verzuz match-up using Mary J. Blige and the Notorious B.I.G. songs alone.

Diddy — or Love, depending on who you ask — has been one of the most requested names during Verzuz' short run. The Bad Boy founder has one of the most impressive catalogues in hip-hop and R&B. We don't need to remind you, but he's produced for everyone from the Notorious B.I.G. to JAY-Z to Mary J. Blige. 

However, there is one person who thinks he can hang with Diddy — Jermaine Dupri. For months, the So So Def founder has been trying to bait Diddy into a Verzuz matchup. And it would be a credible match; Dupri has classics, producing for everyone from Usher to Janet Jackson to Jermaine Dupri. 

On Tuesday night, during Fat Joe and Ja Rule's incredible Verzuz battle, Jermaine Dupri sent out a tweet from Madison Square Garden, in New York City. There he challenged Diddy, again, to a Verzuz match-up, writing, "he gon need some training for me."

Diddy responded a short time after. In short, he completely dismissed JD, saying he could "smash" the So So Def founder with his Mary and Biggie songs alone. In fact, Diddy said the only one who could compete with him was Dr. Dre.

If you have been paying attention, this shouldn't be too surprising. Diddy has said for a while that he's not really that interested in doing a Verzuz. But, if he did do one, he would only want to do it with Dre (who has a catalogue spanning over three decades.)

In March, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, the founders of Verzuz, revealed that Dre was close to competing, but he backed out after some of the production complications that occurred when Teddy Riley and Babyface faced off. Swizz told Breakfast Club:

“When Dr. Dre wasn’t feeling the sound from Teddy Riley and Babyface, that hurt our heart. Oh my God... He was supposed to come at the end and announce that he was gon’ do Verzuz that night… He got on the phone, he was like ‘man, I can’t be a part of nothing that sound like that, my legacy is quality’."