Dave Chappelle Is A Narrator In J. Period's New Single "All In Your Head"
Dave Chappelle Is A Narrator In J. Period's New Single "All In Your Head"
Photo Credit: Artwork by Dan Lish

Dave Chappelle Is A Narrator On J. Period's New Single "All In Your Head"

Dave Chappelle will be serving as the narrator for J. Period's forthcoming project Story To Tell (Chapter One).

J. Period has released the first single from his upcoming project Story To Tell (Chapter One). Titled "All In Your Head," the track begins with narration from Dave Chappelle, with the comedian passing the track to Black Thought and Tiffany Gouché.

Story To Tell (Chapter One) is the first of three acts that all make up J. Period's debut album. The first part will be released on April 30. Chappelle will serve as the narrator for Chapter One. Period spoke with Complex about Chappelle narrating the project, saying:

For my debut album, I wanted to push the envelope and carry that tradition forward, and I am honored to have one of the world’s premiere storytellers, Dave Chappelle, as the voice of our Story to Tell. Dave discovered me through the stories I’ve told on my mixtapes and we share a true love for hip-hop culture, so I couldn’t imagine a better narrator for the next phase of my musical journey.

A press release for the upcoming project describes it as "a vibrant world of connections — between artists, songs, stories, genres, cultures, and generations: a web of creative impulses that flows like a mixtape, and bangs like a blockbuster."

"It brims with energy, breaks boundaries and conventions, and leads to unexpected combinations that surprise and delight. It’s a new kind of musical storybook, and an eye-popping, ear-opening ride," the press releases continues.