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Photo Credit: Chlöe (YouTube)

Chlöe Gets Sultry in Video for New Single "Treat Me"

Chlöe has released the music video for "Treat Me," a follow-up to "Have Mercy" from her upcoming solo debut album on Parkwood Entertainment.

After weeks of Chlöe teasing her follow-up to debut solo single "Have Mercy," "Treat Me" is here. At midnight, the singer released a music video for the energetic track, which samples 2005 Bubba Sparxxx and the Ying Yang Twins hit "Ms. New Booty."

Prior to the song's release, Chlöe – born Chloe Bailey and one-half of sister duo Chloe x Halle– spoke to fans on Instagram Live about the basis of "Treat Me."

“You guys ever been with somebody who ain’t giving you what you need? Not putting in the work? And it’s like, you shouldn’t have to tell somebody how to treat you," she said. "You better treat me like I treat me, ‘cause sometimes it’s only being fed up, just walk away, do it yourself, get yourself some flowers, love yourself. So that’s where I am at right now.”

While "interviewing" himself for Interview Magazine, Donald Glover shared that he's working on a forthcoming show that will star Chlöe. Alongside Halle, in January, Chlöe spoke with STYLECASTER about her solo debut album.

“It’s very bad bitch energy,” she said. “Things that I’m trying to manifest myself to feel on a daily basis. Fake it until you make it.”

The vocalist also revealed that she and Halle would regroup following her new album. “We’re definitely building up a lot of experiences for our next album,” she said. “It’s so cool because we’re definitely finding ourselves right now and things that click with us. When we come back together, the music is going to be that much better.”

Stream "Treat Me" below.