Afro B Breaks Down “Drogba (Joanna)” & His Journey in Music in the Newest Episode of Moments With

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Source: Okayplayer

Source: Okayplayer

The Afrowave artist also spoke about the origins of his breakout song, his future and more.

Afro B‘s hit song “Drogba (Joanna)” turned into a major moment for the Afrowave artist back in 2018. Ten years ago he began his journey in the music industry, and began transitioning into an artist just five years ago.

“Drogba (Joanna)” was a normal day in the studio for Afro B and he notes that he told his friends, the producers Team Salut to start with a happy melody. He even remembers pre-recording people dancing to the song ahead of its release. The song swiftly went viral after its release.

While visiting New York, Afro B stopped by the Okay Space for an exclusive interview. In the newest episode of Moments With, he expanded on his musical journey from DJ to artist, what it was like recording “Drogba (Joanna),” what he sees for his future, and more. Afro B’s latest album Afro Wave 3 is set to release Friday, October 11.

Watch the interview below.

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