Xavier Omär Offers Insight On His First Tour, Name Change & Dream Collaborations [Interview]

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Congratulations Xavier Omär On Passing One Million Monthly Listeners On Spotify
Photo of Xavier Omär taken by Johnny Fan.
First Look Friday: SPZRKT Interview

Photo Credit: Johnny Fan for Okayplayer

Formerly known as SPZRKT, our favorite First Look Friday subject, Xavier Omär sits down with Okayplayer to talk successes, tour & collabs.

Formerly known as SPZRKT, Xavier Omär proves to be one of R&B’s most hidden gems. With “Blind Man” accumulating over 25 million streams total and still heavy in rotation, the soulful crooner has now created his own lane. While music is nothing new to the San Antonio superstar, Xavier only embarked on his own solo career as an artist in 2012, drawing the attention of producer Sango and the entire Soulection collective.

LISTEN: Hear Xavier Omär & Sango’s Hypnotic Remix Of “Wonderful Christmastime”

Beyond the smooth and majestic sounds, the meaning in Xavier’s music runs deep, touching on everything from his faith, feminism, relationships, and the one thing we’re all still trying to figure out: the meaning of life. With us inching into the new year, Xavier has partnered up with ASICS, who is known for their timelessness in a new venture-and-artist collaboration. @Okayplayer caught up with the singer/songwriter ahead of his intimate performance in Los Angeles to speak on the success of his name change, his first ever headlining tour, and dream collab with Pharrell.

Okayplayer: For those who don’t know, who is Xavier Omär?

Xavier Omär: Xavier Omär is 27-year-old R&B/pop singer who wants to bring hope and strength — through adversity in our love lives. So, just doing my very best to help people with the tougher times and to celebrate with them in the good times.

OKP: You actually started out rapping and now you sing. Where do you see yourself fit in this pool of R&B/hip-hop?

XO: I don’t think I fit in hip-hop that much, even though I get a lot of feature requests from a lot of my rapper friends. So that’s dope, because I know that my voice can work within that scene. But even in R&B, I feel a little bit like the outlier because I do have records that are more like, pop-themed. So as much as you can put me may be in a sentence with H.E.R. or Daniel Caesar, you can also put me in a sentence with Khalid or Billie Eilish. It’s very weird, and I think I’m one of the few people who really told that line. If not the only person who chooses to tell that line consistently. And at times people don’t know what to do with it, but at the end of the day, it’s good music (if you listen).

OKP: I love your Pink Lighting EP. What do you want fans to get out of your story?

XO: Oh man, it’s never gonna change. I just wanna point them to what you think is best — what you think is better. For me, I like pointing people to my faith — to Jesus. But at the end of the day, whether they accept or take that part of it or not, it’s just being able to recognize your value. In no matter what you’re going through in a relationship, whether it’s someone is treating you as less – you’re not what they say you are, they just don’t recognize what you are. You have to recognize what you are and uphold that, going forward. Whether it’s that or just being really honest lyrically and making honesty okay, especially as a male. And one of the things that people really pin on me, and I gladly accept is, I do the very best I can to make sure that women are being respected in the music and being upheld for their worth as well in the music. Because that’s a mindset that I want the generation now and after me to have going forward. I know that music is an influencer, and hopefully my records can help to influence them and their mindsets going forward.

OKP: If you had one song to pick for fans to get to know your music, what would it be?

XO: I think we’re gonna have to go with “Blind Man”. I think that covers it all. It’s pop, it’s R&B, it’s deep in content — but it’s fun. It’s pretty much everything you’ll get about me wrapped in one.

OKP: You’re from California?

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